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RCON Web Admin

RCON Web Admin

RCON Web Admin as a powerful web interface to control your RCON server. Every RCON server will work.

The most powerful feature is that this web admin can run on a server, raspberry pi or another device that is online 24/7. It does all jobs for you, even if you are not connected to the interface. You can install it almost everywhere.

So imagine you've set-up rcon web admin so that it check users for high ping, VAC status or chat filter. The RCON web admin does it 24/7 for you, no need to have a tool opened all the time.


  • Full administration via your browser, it's just a website
  • Unlimited users and servers, Admin roles can manage servers, users can use the dashboard
  • Ever more fine granulated user permissions to restrict access to specific server commands and interface features. If you want a user that only can use the 'say' command, you can do it.
  • Powerful widget system - Developers can add new features for the dashboard easily
  • Responsible - The frontend is designed for every device, desktop or smartphone.
  • Run on every device that can install node.js
  • Multilanguage interface
  • One-Click update for the core and all installed widgets
  • rcon.web support (Even better as normal RCON sockets because of better stability)
  • Core widgets and their top features
    • Console - Provide a console interface to directly use rcon web commands in the most low level form
    • Autobot - For advanced users, a programmatic interface to write your own little code with high level features
    • Rustboard - A dedicated widget for the game 'Rust', provides a lot usefull tools such as playerlist, banlist, chat, kick/ban/admins/mods, steam information incl. VAC ban checks, and a lot more
    • Timed Commands - As the name say, you can easily schedule any server command you want to execute on a specific date or time.
  • So many more... Give it a try

  • Github Link and Download: https://github.com/brainfoolong/rcon-web-admin